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A house divided, a nation adrift
In the last two years, our nation has witnessed some of the most tumultuous events in its history. UMNO which had helmed the nation without interruption since independence fell abruptly in 2018 in large part due to the massive 1MDB corruption scandal. In the year UMNO fell, ‘Merdeka’ was celebrated with renewed national pride; it was as if we had gained our freedom all over again. Hope for a new beginning, a national reset, soared.

We congratulated ourselves that such stupendous change had occurred peacefully. Indirectly making a comparison with the Arab spring, we prided ourselves that we were somehow more mature, more politically seasoned than our counterparts in the Middle East where anarchy has been a constant companion of political change.

Perhaps our self-admiration was a little premature; to be sure, there has been none of the violence and chaos but we are now witnessing the political instability that change invariably kindles.

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