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‘The deadliest drug we’ve ever known’: how fentanyl saturated the US
‘The deadliest drug we’ve ever known’: author Sam Quinones on how fentanyl saturated the US

[Image: 5289.jpg?width=620&quality=85&auto=forma...75e3216145]

For the last nine years, Sam Quinones has been studying the changing face of drug use, sales, and addiction in the United States.

In his new book The Least of Us: True Tales of America and Hope in the Time of Fentanyl and Meth, he tracks the explosion of synthetic drugs that has hit the streets of America, increasing the danger of drug use and making addictive chemical substances far cheaper and more plentiful than ever before.

He finds that the days when drug production required land and agriculture are gone. Now drugs are being manufactured from toxic chemicals in vast quantities by Mexican traffickers and introduced to users by slipping them into the supply of other substances, like heroin and cocaine.

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Heads up for all of us, hope this wont make it to our streets.
The underground economy is thriving. Most of the goods and services on the black market aren't illegal in every country, but they are still hard to find and access. And that's exactly where websites filled with illegal products come in handy. I used  many times, and I never had any problem. It's important to know that buying things online is much safer than in-person purchases since you don't have to worry about getting robbed or having your identity stolen. The thing is that they keep your data safe and encrypted.

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