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US new rare-earth bill another political move on China
US new rare-earth bill another political move, won’t obstruct China’s development in the sector: experts

[Image: 8c258ac8-5a38-4b6a-9a75-166804de205e.jpeg]

A new rare-earth bill was reportedly introduced in the US Senate on Friday, aiming to force defense contractors to end the use of rare earths sourced from China by 2026. It is another political move of the US against the backdrop of its attempt to contain China's growth, but it will not obstruct the development of China's rare-earth sector, Chinese experts said on Saturday.

The bill also intends to create a permanent stockpile of the strategic minerals managed by the Pentagon, according to an Reuters exclusive report. The report adds that Pentagon still needs to purchase part of its supply from China to build that reserve though.

One of the Senators sponsoring the bill is Tom Cotton, an Arkansas Republican who has been sanctioned by China due to his egregious records on Hong Kong affairs. 

"It is simply another political move of the US attempting to thwart China's growth," an anonymous expert told the Global Times on Saturday, noting that it is not the first time for certain US politicians to claim that the US needs to shake off dependence on China's rare-earth reserves , and whether the 2026 deadline is a practical target remains hard to say.

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