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No mercy for those issuing fake Covid-19 vaccination certs, says Hisham
[Image: mysejahtera-vaccine-cert-5102021.jpg]

KUALA LUMPUR: Defence minister Hishammuddin Hussein wants the maximum punishment to be imposed on individuals responsible for issuing fake Covid-19 vaccination certificates as the action affects the safety and health of innocent people.

He also called for a thorough investigation into the case and to bring all those involved to justice.

“This is something that is hard for me to accept and forgive because it affects the safety and health of innocent people. I want the full force of the law on them and I want to make sure they realise that there is a limit when it comes to profit which affects people’s lives,” he added.

He said this at a special press conference after chairing the Covid-19 Ministerial Quartet Meeting at Wisma Pertahanan, here, today.

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