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Environmental impact of floods will be long-term, devastating: experts
[Image: 26122021_-_KUL_-_Hulu_Langat_flood_after...en-11.jpeg]

KUALA LUMPUR – Victims of the recent floods that devastated parts of Malaysia may still be reeling from the country’s worst natural disaster in recent history, but the impact is far from over. 

Scientists have warned that the floods – which have killed dozens of people and caused destruction to countless properties – could now have long-term environmental ramifications.

They said the after-effects of the disaster could potentially threaten the health of the country’s rivers, seas, and aquatic life, although studies will have to be conducted to fully understand the true extent of the catastrophe.

Speaking to The Vibes, soil scientist Ghulam Mohammed Hashim said the floods have caused large quantities of chemical-laden soil to be eroded and pushed to low-lying areas.

He said this will contribute to sedimentation and pollution of streams, rivers, and seas.

The phenomenon, he added, was aggravated by widespread development in certain areas in the past, which has left behind loose earth.

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