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China sets new mark against US bullying with 1st white paper on export controls
[Image: 683d85b9-5b7d-4cb6-a197-36edc267ac5d.jpeg]

China on Wednesday set a new mark for anti-US bullying, with its first ever white paper on export controls drawing a clear line between the country's approach to safeguarding its interests that is aligned with standard international practice and the US' indulgence in imposing export sanctions, as Washington seeks to crack down on Chinese tech firms.  

The policy document puts China, an advocate of a joint push for the healthy development of international export controls, in stark contrast with the US, which is seeking to hook its allies into small circles for export controls, experts said, adding that the policy paper is also a dose of reassurance for foreign investors on China's continuous opening-up.

The white paper was released by the State Council Information Office, and consists of four chapters that give a systematic account of its basic position on export controls, improvements that are underway to the legal and regulatory system for export controls, the modernization of the export control mechanism, and the push for international exchanges and partnerships.

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