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Floods: The real heroes and the ugly Malaysians
[Image: a-kathirasen-new-latest-290821-1.jpg]

You can say what you like, one Taman Sri Muda flood victim told me. “The real heroes are the ones who came to rescue us when floodwater was rising and even after the floodwater had risen.”

Saying he was not belittling or diminishing the contributions of those who had offered assistance in the form of food and cleaning-up service, the long-time resident added: “They risked their lives and got wet to help us. They came when we most needed them.”

This was a common sentiment expressed by Taman Sri Muda residents I spoke to on Christmas Day. Another was their unadulterated praise for all the NGOS and individuals who had provided them food and other basic necessities, and who were helping them clean their houses and clear the mess left by the floodwater.

Residents were also dismissive of government rescue assistance, saying it came late. One said: “Look at the number of government officials swarming this place today. Where were they on Dec 18 or Dec 19 or Dec 20 when we needed them most?”

I learned much about what happened during the massive floods of Dec 18-20 as I walked around Taman Sri Muda in Shah Alam, Selangor, one of the areas most affected by the floods, and talked to some people.

I learned, for instance, that while the Beautiful Malaysian rose to the occasion to help rescue or provide assistance to flood victims regardless of race and religion, the Ugly Malaysian also made an appearance.

Let me start from the beginning. My son and I went to Taman Sri Muda on Dec 25 to distribute floor cleaning liquid, pails and scrubbing brooms to a few residents before stopping at one house to help with the cleaning.

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