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‘Mind your own forced labor problem’: Xinjiang regional govt refutes US Uygur bill
[Image: 9b53d740-a40d-45ba-b3f8-4d7628ef1990.jpeg]

China's Xinjiang regional government on Saturday called the US signing of the so-called Uygur forced labor prevention act as an open interference in China's internal affairs with a purpose to contain China. The regional government also said it shows the US bullying logic and revival of a Cold War mentality.  

Xu Guixiang, the Xinjiang regional government spokesperson, made the remarks at a press conference held on Saturday in Beijing, which came closely after US President Joe Biden signed a legislation which bans products made in China's Xinjiang, citing "oppression" of the Uygurs and other minorities.

On Friday, the Foreign Affairs Committee of the National People's Congress also said that China will take firm and strong countermeasures if the US insists on acting arbitrarily.

Xu told the media that the US bill seriously distorted the actual situation in Xinjiang. The region has been earnestly implementing relevant laws in the region and strictly forbid any forced labor.

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