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US govt. imposes 'political persecution' on scientists in the name of 'China Initiati
[Image: 55addd0c-c541-45e6-bf4c-f766e6053292.jpeg]

The US government has persecuted scientists who have cooperated or conducted exchanges with China in the name of the "China Initiative" since the term of former President Donald Trump, with a Harvard University professor being the latest to be convicted on Wednesday for "making false statements to authorities," but not "espionage or theft of intellectual property."

Washington is weakening its own soft power and hard power by spreading fear and a sinophobic atmosphere in the field of science and academic research, and now the situation is even worse than the Cold War era of McCarthyism, said experts.  

Reuters reported on Wednesday that a federal court in Boston found Charles Lieber, a renowned nanoscientist and former chairman of Harvard's chemistry department, guilty of "making false statements to authorities, filing false tax returns and failing to report a Chinese bank account."

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