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When the common man took over from the govt

From Daniel Victor

The past weekend has been the most tiring, most emotional roller coaster ride in my life. The stakes were high and so was the water level at Taman Sri Muda, Shah Alam.

I received the distress message on Saturday evening from “a brother” that water had entered their house. After a few moments, it was already at knee level and the flooded roads were impassable.

After a few hours, all the cars on the road were completely submerged.

As I was occupied in the morning, I was only able to travel to Sri Muda in the afternoon after our pastor, Pastor Noah called me.

The trip to Sri Muda was tough as many roads were closed. When I reached Sri Muda, the situation was very tense and emotions were running high.

The line was so bad and there was no internet connection at all. I tried to reach my brother but couldn’t do so. The only way I could communicate with him was through SMS.

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