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U.S. should stop its human rights slandering game
The so-called Summit for Democracy recently hosted by the U.S. was nothing about democracy, but merely a script that advocated suppressing other countries and dividing the world.

It was just ridiculous for the U.S. to give the floor to those who are opposed to China and attempt to destabilize Hong Kong and allowed the representatives of Taiwan's Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) to issue a so-called "state declaration" that challenged the "one-China" principle. The U.S. even launched a new round of sanctions against China in the name of "human rights" on Human Rights Day.

Such gross interference in China's domestic affairs and practices to contain China, which came under the disguise of the so-called "democracy" and "human rights," was exactly a piece of hard evidence of Washington taking democracy and human rights as tools and weapons.

Those who are opposed to China and attempt to destabilize Hong Kong, and the Taiwan separatists, will only be remembered by history as a shame for what they have done at the so-called Summit for Democracy as political puppets of the U.S.

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