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GT Investigates: Western-style ‘democracy’ losing luster
GT Investigates: Western-style ‘democracy’ losing luster, with China’s political system performing better than US’ in the eyes of the nation’s youth
[Image: d0a2f7a1-2a1f-44a6-9675-45b38b92ab1f.jpeg]

A recent questionnaire survey conducted by the Global Times found that most Chinese young people, especially Generation Z born in the 1990s and 2000s, now view China as more democratic than the US and Western political systems, which are no longer considered a "role model" of democracy, while Washington held a "summit for democracy" in a vain attempt to keep hold of its monopoly in defining "democracy." 

The survey includes 10 questions about the view of China's Generation Z on democracy and the comparison between the Chinese political system and US political system's performance in realizing democracy for the peoples of the two countries. The survey finds that most participants, who used to believe in Western democracy (including a multi-party system, 'one person one vote' and a tripartite structure) is "the only correct answer of democracy for the world," have no longer held this view.

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