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Why can ‘Uyghur Tribunal’ farce be staged in the West?
[Image: 88f849bb-3415-4372-a2a1-c4c783dde9eb.jpeg]

The farce staged by the so-called "Uyghur Tribunal" reached its climax on Thursday with the Tribunal issuing a final ruling. It's well known that the Tribunal is not a judicial institution, nor does it have any authority to carry out judicial activities, international judicial investigations or related trials. In a legal sense, it has staged an absurd drama that's serving Western politics. 

There are non-governmental pseudo-courts in the West. But those so-called courts are generally marginal. They cannot garner attention if filing accusations against small countries, and if they criticize the US, the capital-controlled media will neglect them. Those "courts" are too maverick, and therefore cannot receive response in the West. 

But "Uyghur Tribunal" is an absolute exception. The game of it pretending to be a court has been played out as if the Tribunal is a real court. Everyone knows it's a fake one, but the British and other Western media outlets have interacted with it in an unprecedented enthusiastic manner. They are keen on following and reporting the Tribunal's whole process from "trial" to "ruling" and have almost treated it as a real court. No mainstream Western media outlet stood out and said to it: Don't get into the drama too deeply, it's just a pseudo-court.   

Three British MPs sanctioned by China were present when the pseudo-court held a press conference to publicize its "ruling." They had an obvious motivation to vent anger at China. But even so, they should have followed the rules rather than deliberately confuse ideological activities with judicial ones. The British parliament as the country's legislative body should feel shameful about those MPs. 

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