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Additional advisors in an already bloated cabinet
[Image: 5205d72a5cc99bce8b61db5f651882bb.jpg=s800]

OCT: When Prime Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob has the liberty to appoint anyone as his advisors, there is nothing the rakyat can do about it.

Affordability is not a criterion. The most important criterion is ‘sokong’ (support) the leader and don't become a frog.

It is very hard to fathom why the PM needs additional advisors when he already has a large cabinet of ministers.

When a person is not accountable for his decisions, there is a tendency to abuse his power and for corruption to fester.

For the PM, what he wants is what he gets. A principled PM will justify such appointments with return on investment (ROI) and set clear job scopes.

The PM asked the rakyat to be prudent in spending while he keeps on spending without a care for the country. Malaysia will be bankrupt soon if this continues.

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