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Self Help Hold for Quick Energy Boost
Feeling sleepy, sluggish?

Sometimes during the day I have dips in energy.

For many people it’s after lunch. I talked to a client once about this and she said, ‘oh, but that’s normal, isn’t it?’

No! It doesn’t have to be. There is a self help hold to give you a quick energy boost.

There is help

We all have 26 ‘energy sites’ on the body and each one of them has a specific meaning, number, location and function.

We can work with these energy sites to help us. We can also use them to target specific issues.

So when you next feel sleepy and sluggish after lunch or at any time during the day, instead of reaching for that coffee or Mars bar, do this Self Help Hold.

It’s like an immediate boost to your energy.

A story

A few years ago, I took my mother to a big event. Thousands of people attended. When it started, my mother started falling asleep. Not because she wasn’t interested but because her energies were flagging.

I showed her this hold and within minutes she had revived and was able to enjoy the presentation. Even she was surprised!
Two energy sites as helpers

In this exercise, we work with two energy sites (or Safety Energy Locks as they are officially called in Jin Shin Jyutsu).

Number 17 is located on the outside of the wrist on the left and right sides. It means ‘reproductive energy’ (as in reproducing energy). So when we work with it, we can give ourselves a quick energy boost.

We also work with energy site number 18, which helps clear the energy in the head (that’s why I use it for headaches as well, or if I have some head tension building). This energy site is located at the base of the thumb on the palm side.

[Image: Flows-For-Life-Self-Help-Energy-Boost.jpg]

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