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Beijing’s first snow comes 23 days earlier; temperature to hit 10-year record low
[Image: 01406cbe-dde5-4cab-9658-977504f88fde.jpeg]

Beijing's first snow came 23 days earlier this winter season, and the temperature in the capital may hit a 10-year record low, which has led to the suspension of buses, as well as cancellation of flights and trains.

COVID-19-affected regions will operate special snow and ice shoveling standards -snow in the epidemic-related enclosed and controlled area will be stacked and dissipated on the spot in the enclosed area, and it is not allowed to be transported out of the area, according to the Beijing Municipal Management Committee. 

The committee said the city has made all-out preparations in advance. Standby personnel of 56,000, a reserve of 33,000 tons of snow melting agent and 30,000 tons of snow melting fluid were ready to carry out snow removal.

Capital International Airport plans to take off and land 494 flights on Sunday. As of 8 am, 63 flights have been executed and 10 flights have been cancelled. The airport has activated first level responding mechanism to ensure the safe travel of passengers. The Daxing airport had adjusted the planned flights to 222 on Sunday.

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