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GT Voice: Chipmakers risk violating Chinese laws over US’ hegemonic data request
[Image: 7fdacef6-e9e2-4468-a791-c7675dd23039.jpeg]

The US government appears to be close to gaining access to sensitive data held by major global chip suppliers including Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co (TSMC). The move has not only gone beyond normal market regulation, but may also plunge the semiconductor industry into a new round of geopolitical backbiting amid ongoing China-US tensions.

TSMC, the world's largest contract chipmaker, said on Friday that it would hand over data requested by the US by November 8, according to local Taiwan media reports.

The chipmaker's statement came just one day after a US official hinted at compulsory measures aimed at obtaining sensitive information from uncooperative companies. "Whether or not we have to use compulsory measures depends on how many companies engage and the quality of the data shared," a spokesperson for the US Commerce Department was quoted as saying according to Reuters.

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