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Crackers and biscuits can cause cancer, warns HK group
[Image: Eating-Buscuits-Biskur-FMT-1.jpg]

PETALING JAYA: Crackers and biscuits are healthy snacks, which provide vitamins and dietary fibre, besides being a good source of energy, right?


The Hong Kong Consumer Council claims it has found cancer-causing substances in 60 samples of biscuits and crackers sold on the local market that it tested.

The council said it found cancer-causing elements like glycidol and acrylamide, which are by-products created when ingredients are heated at high temperatures to make biscuits and crackers.

In a statement posted on its website, it said tests showed the glycidol content to be between 11 microgrammes (mcg/kg) and 3,900 mcg/kg.

The council said 11 samples did not have glycidol and acrylamide, saying that was proof that biscuits and crackers could be made without such contaminants.

The council also found high levels of 3-MCPD in 56 samples. 3-MCPD is said to adversely affect kidneys and male fertility.

The council said it also found high sodium, sugar and fat in 85% of the samples. Nutrition labels were also found to be inaccurate in 40% of the samples tested.

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