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China urges space players to watch out for space debris
China urges space players to watch out for space debris, protect Chinese taikonauts' safety

[Image: 740012d3-4050-45fa-9140-71eda8c3e586.jpeg]

China urged relevant foreign space agencies and organizations to pay attention to the data on the Chinese spacecraft that are kept updated on the website of the China Manned Space Agency (CMSA) to avoid possible space collisions and ensure the safety of Chinese taikonauts, a spokesperson of the CMSA said on Thursday during a press briefing prior to Shenzhou-13's launch.

"China welcomes astronauts from other countries to come onboard China's space station and conduct flight cooperation. We believe we could see more of such cooperation after the space station enters the full operational and utilization phase," Lin Xiqiang, CMSA spokesperson announced. 

Lin added that manned space exploration is the common cause of mankind requiring full cooperation and the China Space Station is an integral part of building a community of shared future.

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