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Top Chinese doctors hint at easing of Covid-19 measures in China
[Image: yq-chinacov-15102021.jpg?itok=nH5jgrWU&t...1634303765]

BEIJING - Two top Chinese infectious diseases specialists have in recent days hinted that China could be moving towards easing its zero-tolerance policy towards Covid-19 as more of the population gets vaccinated.

In what appears to be a test balloon of sorts for future easing, the comments have faced relatively little pushback from the authorities and have been allowed to remain online, even as the official narrative remains for now that the muscular measures in place for almost two years are the only way to go.

In separate media interviews, Chinese Centre for Disease Control and Prevention head George Gao and top epidemiologist Zhong Nanshan said that as the country closes in on 85 per cent vaccination rate, its strict control measures could possibly start to ease up.

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