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Covid causes steep rise in depression, anxiety: study
[Image: gettyimages_601.2f217134546.original.jpg]

CASES of depression and anxiety surged by more than a quarter globally during the first year of the pandemic, especially among women and young adults, a major study showed on Saturday.

In the first worldwide estimate of the mental health impact of Covid-19, researchers estimated that 2020 saw an additional 52 million people suffer from major depressive disorder, and an additional 76 million cases of anxiety.

These represent a 28% and 26% increase in the two disorders respectively, according to the study, published in The Lancet medical journal.

Covid-19 has claimed nearly 5 million lives since it emerged in late 2019, but experts say this is likely to be a vast underestimate.

Friday's study showed that the hardest-hit countries were saddled with the greatest mental health burden, with a strong link between high Covid-19 case levels, restrictions on movement, and elevated rates of depression and anxiety.

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