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‘Do I just drive her to KLIA and say bye?’:
‘Do I just drive her to KLIA and say bye?’: mums in years-long fight for children’s citizenship 

[Image: 23092021-KUL-TarikBalikRayuan_-_citizens...MAR-06.jpg]

KUALA LUMPUR – Melaka-born Priscilla Collar did not expect a monumental task when she applied for Malaysian citizenship for her two girls when she returned to the country in 2015.

After divorcing her French husband, she was jobless and looking for an avenue to get citizenship for her daughters.

Four years later, she received a notice informing her that her applications had been rejected without explanation.

“I had no choice but to reapply; it has been two years and I am still waiting,” she said, adding that her daughters might not be able to attend school as the Education Ministry has yet to send her the letter required by authorities to renew student visas.

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