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Britain deploys its army to deliver fuel as panic buying and shortages continue
[Image: 106951405-1633337565384-gettyimages-1235...=740&h=416]

LONDON — British soldiers have begun delivering fuel in the U.K., as panic buying of gasoline continues in some parts of the country.

Around 200 military personnel are to be deployed as part of Operation Escalin, a strategy devised by the British government to help ease fuel supply constraints caused by a major shortage of truck drivers. Photographs Monday morning showed soldiers in combat fatigues at a BP refinery in Hemel Hempstead, England.

Army tanker drivers have been on standby since last week. The government’s Reserve Tanker Fleet —  driven by civilians — was deployed on Tuesday to deliver gasoline.

Panic buying of gasoline in the U.K. in recent weeks has caused long lines outside stations, many of which have been left completely dry. While the situation has begun to improve in most parts of the country, shortages remain acute in London and England’s southeast.

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