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Don’t put ‘cart before horse’ on carbon emission target, says MP
[Image: Teresa-kok.jpg]

PETALING JAYA: Announcing a net-zero carbon emission target before proper deliberation is done on how to achieve it is akin to “putting the cart before the horse,” said Seputeh MP Teresa Kok.

She said that given the severity of the global climate crisis, it is heartening to see the government has a carbon neutrality target of net-zero emission by 2050, as outlined in the 12th Malaysia Plan.

However, the former minister questioned the need to rush and impose a deadline as the announcement comes before the long-term low emissions development strategies study is finalised in 2022.

“The decision (to announce a target) is akin to putting the cart before the horse. Sound decisions can only be made through thorough deliberations,” she said in a statement.

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