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China's mega hydropower station at highest altitude begins operation,j
China's mega hydropower station at highest altitude begins operation, a landmark project for devt in cold areas

[Image: 9835f905-f3cf-4fa9-9fa6-03da7df5bd0b.jpeg]

A mega hydropower station built in Southwest China's Sichuan Province along the middle and lower reaches of Yalong River began operation on Wednesday, marking a landmark project of China's hydropower development in high-altitude cold areas and a milestone in the history of hydropower construction in the world.

The Global Times learned from the project designer - Chengdu Engineering Corporation under state-owned Power China -- that the construction area of the Lianghekou hydropower station, with an average altitude of 3,000 meters, is China's highest and the world's second highest altitude hydropower station. 

According to the designer, the project is consisted of 11 high slopes with a maximum of 684 meters, 50 meters higher than the Shanghai Tower, China's highest building. It has the world's deepest reservoir with the maximum water depth in front of the dam being 285 meters. It also has the world's highest power station intake tower, being 115 meters high.

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