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DAP duo ramp up fight for M’sian mothers seeking citizenship for kids born overseas
[Image: 25032021_-_KUL_-_MyKad_-_Sairien-04.JPG]

GEORGE TOWN – Two female DAP politicians have vowed to continue fighting for the citizenship rights of children born abroad to Malaysian mothers until the appeal filed by the government against the high court decision granting these kids automatic citizenship is either stopped or defeated.

Penang social development exco Chong Eng urged all women’s groups, MPs and affected mothers to continuously raise a ruckus until the injustice and inequality towards women, especially with regard to the citizenship matter, end.

Speaking during a panel discussion titled “Do Mothers Have Rights?” organised by the Penang Women’s Development Corporation, she noted that gender equality laws in Malaysia require a reform as the federal constitution itself contains patriarchal words, leading to the problem at hand.

“According to a report by the Global Campaign for National Equality Rights, Malaysia is one of 25 countries that have a nationality law that denies women the equal right to confer citizenship on their children.

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