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Children susceptible to long-term side effects if they catch Covid-19: Sim
[Image: sim_kui_hian_fb_pic_24072021.PNG]

MIRI – Children and teenagers, especially those suffering prior illness such as non-communicable diseases, are at greater risk of long-term side effects or death if they contract Covid-19, said Datuk Dr Sim Kui Hian.

The Sarawak Disaster Management Committee (DMC) adviser said the impact of the coronavirus on youngsters is as bad as that on the elderly and adults with high-risk ailments.

“How dangerous is Covid-19 to teenagers and children? Covid-19 can kill teenagers and children, especially those with illnesses and those who are overweight. For those who survive the infection, there could be an impact on their health that lasts for the long term,” he said in his social media chats today.

“They could get long-term illnesses, get tired easily, lose their focus easily. Do we have reason to be worried about them? Yes! Based on our experience with viral infections, these kids could grow up into adulthood with life-threatening medical conditions.”

Dr Sim, who is also state housing and local government minister, said Sarawak is doing its best to vaccinate children against Covid-19, but this alone is not enough.

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