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10 MySejahtera wishlist items – Ong Kian Ming, Kelvin Yii
[Image: 21062021_-_Vaccination_registration_myse...AF_-_2.jpg]

THERE is feedback that some individuals fully vaccinated under the National Covid-19 Immunisation Programme are still waiting for their vaccination status to be reflected in the MySejahtera app. There are also individuals who have been vaccinated under the Selangor state government’s Selvax programme and have not received their MySejahtera digital vaccination certificates. This delay in updates presents obstacles to affected individuals at workplaces that require employees to be fully vaccinated, e.g. restaurants. Yet-to-be updated vaccination statuses on MySejahtera are also problematic when it comes to enjoying privileges such as dining in and even buying groceries for those who are fully vaccinated. 

Quick rectification of mistakes in updating MySejahtera vaccination information
There are cases of a person’s name or IC number being wrongly input into MySejahtera and/or in the digital vaccination certificate. These kinds of issues should be quickly resolved when a request is made via the Helpdesk function on the MySejahtera app.

Updating status of fully vaccinated individuals whose MySejahtera status cannot be changed at PPVs because someone else has ‘used’ or ‘registered’ their identities
Some foreigners have had their passports used to register another person for vaccination. This is akin to identity theft via MySejahtera.

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