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Prepare now to fight the new Mu variant, says virologist

GEORGE TOWN: A virologist has called for a detailed study to be made of Covid-19 variants in Malaysia, given the threat of the deadly new Mu variant which is said to be resistant to vaccines.

The Mu variant was declared as the fifth variant of interest last week by the World Health Organization after it was detected in 39 countries.

The virologist, Monash University lecturer Vinod Balasubramaniam, said studies on the new variant were ongoing but Malaysia should be vigilant as the variant could make its way here at any time.

Recent cases in Japan and South Korea show that the variant is near. “It will not be long, even a matter of weeks, before we see this new variant in Malaysia if strict measures are not taken soon enough,” he said.

[Image: vinod-1.jpg]

Vinod said genomic sequencing and strict quarantine of overseas travellers were key to stopping the new variant from entering the country.

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