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Projek57, Industries Unite on quest to foster togetherness

KUALA LUMPUR – Every now and then, amid grouses about disunity, there will be a group of people trying to make it better.

Since 2015, a social enterprise known as Projek57 has not only tried to unite Malaysians, but also help youth from underprivileged communities, including the Orang Asli.

It is now that the drivers behind this unity vehicle, Syed Sadiq Albar and Colin Wee, have realised the impact of their movement of hope on ordinary Malaysians.

Whether it is engaging with youth through collaborations with schools and universities, cycling around Malaysia to spread the word, or creating a unity ribbon, co-founder Syed Sadiq believes there are many like-minded Malaysians who subscribe to what Projek57 preaches.  
Quote:You actually have to spend time with people. It’s about making connections, and it is then that you realise that there is hope.
“Have we succeeded? I think if you base it on the 300,000 ribbons and 30,000 other merchandise items that we’ve sold, there are many like-minded Malaysians out there who subscribe to what we are saying or preaching,” he told The Vibes.

Despite many unity initiatives by the government, the narrative never fully got through. Racial politics and religious tension remain.
Hence, Projek57 was formed to remind people about what unites us. It also strives to bring the “cool” back into patriotism.

Projek57 chief operating officer Debbie Choa in an interview said the initiative has seen many people come together in times of adversity.
“I feel we are united on the ground, and irrespective of race, we at Projek57 really see people helping one another.”

Syed Sadiq said the Covid-19 pandemic has shown that Malaysians are not only tolerant, but accepting of one another.

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