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New Chinese vaccine shows 82% effectiveness against serious Covid-19
[Image: yq-syringegeneric-27082021.jpg?itok=JkbO...1630068183]

BEIJING (BLOOMBERG) - A vaccine from China's Chongqing Zhifei Biological Products Co showed 82 per cent effectiveness against serious Covid-19 infections, boosting the country's efforts to immunise its vast population.

In late-stage clinical trials, the vaccine - dubbed ZF2001 - has been shown as 92.93 per cent effective against the Alpha variant and almost 78 per cent against the more-infectious Delta version, the company said in an exchange filing Friday (Aug 27).

It did not say if those two figures were just for serious illness or all symptomatic infections including mild cases. None of the people who received the shot entered critical care or died, it said.

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