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Breaking Down the Issues: vernacular schools invaluable, potential game changers

THE Education Ministry, in its Malaysia Education Blueprint 2013-2025, has said that it is committed to developing and implementing a transparent and equitable set of principles for the allocation of financial aid and other support for all school types.

All evidence to date – within Asean and internationally – shows that multiple language fluency in whichever country in the world is an asset not only to the individual, but to the business organisation as well as the nation that encourages it.

We are fortunate in that not only do we have a multilingual population. We also have the building blocks for a bilingual and even trilingual population in our national schooling system.

Our national education objective should be to ensure every Malaysian child receives the right educational resources and a fair share of opportunities from cradle to career. This is especially necessary if we are to cope with international competition in an increasingly globalised world.

Diversity and mastering more languages should be a key policy priority. Our government should view vernacular schools using different languages as a socio-economic resource for national development.

The government should also not be pressured to view a different medium of instruction to Bahasa Melayu as a hindrance to national unity.

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