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Meru Valley's Patchwork Society’s 13th Annual Charity Bazaar
Meru Valley’s Patchwork Society is spreading some traditional cheer with handsewn Batik and patchwork face masks, with funds raised to support the care of disabled children.

Mark your calendars as the Patchwork Society will be holding their thirteenth annual charity bazaar at the Function Room on 7 November 2020, from 9am to 5pm.

The bazaar will feature handmade crafts, food (Japanese sushi, muffins, and cookies) and a jumble-sale corner with porcelains and housewares up for grabs.

All proceeds from the bazaar will be channelled to Pusat Jagaan Kanak-Kanak Cacat Setia Silibin, to help support the care of disabled children.

Initiated by Datin Mina Ushiama, the Patchwork society get together every Tuesday for the love and passion of handicraft and sewing. They’ve created beautiful crafts items such as face masks purses, bags, cot quilts, coasters, handphone cases, bags, passport holders and many others.

Speaking about the bazaar, Datin Ushiama said: “This year we have handmade reusable face mask to keep everyone safe. There will be two designs- one type is made from ‘Batik’ material and the other one is made of attractive prints and gauze, which has four layers (2 layers of cotton and 2 layers of gauze) and would be very comfortable. These masks are priced at RM 7 per piece.”

She further explained: “This time round we have added patchwork collections from some professional patchwork artist from KL, Ms Bovey Ho, Ms.Yoriko Sugihara and Ms. Yukiko Kojima in this bazaar. Ms. Bovey Ho used to donate her crochet bags and dolls for our annual bazaars, however this year she has made elaborated face masks upon huge demand, which will be sold at RM12 per piece. Ms. Yoriko has donated us her handmade bags, purses, and ceramics like vases, teapots and cups. Meanwhile Ms. Yukiko has donated some of her handmade crafts to us to be sold at the bazaar.”

With the festive season just around the corner, take this opportunity to purchase fine handmade crafts as gifts and support the lives of disabled children with your generosity. Bring your neighbours and friends and pencil in on 7 November for a day of craft and a good cause.

For more information on the event, please contact Jia Huey at 05-529 3354. See you there!

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