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Penang father and son look to the stars for inspiration
[Image: ppgmoon2.jpg]

WHILE most people fall asleep, some earlier than usual after another weary day of living under the various movement control orders, a father encourages his son here in Penang to peer into the night skies with the hope of seeing shooting stars and how the moon looks from afar.

Budding astronomy enthusiast Annamalai Muthu has designed a special telescopic device – using an iPad to power an ultraviolet/infrared space observation telescope – to aid him and his son Arrav.

His dedication to the world of space exploration has rubbed off on the eight-year-old, who is equally, if not more eager to explore the final frontier known to civilisation.

Collecting moon rocks
After almost two-years of scanning the galaxies, in they have amassed a collection of insightful images through their telescopic device, Annamalai and Arrav are now in the midst of trying to collect precious moon rocks and meteorites which have fallen into Earth's astrosphere during meteor showers.

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