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Just as the 20th century was a time of discovery, we may find that the 21st is a period for making sense of what we’ve found out. Many of the mainstream scientists, teachers, and researchers of our day are engaged in this process. While the existence of a universal energy field had been theorized, visualized, written about, and imagined for a long while, it’s only been recently that experiments were performed proving once and for all that the Matrix exists.

Between 1993 and 2000, a series of unprecedented experiments demonstrated the existence of an underlying field of energy that bathes the universe.

Quantum biologist Vladimir Poponin reported the research that he and his colleagues, including Peter Gariaev, were doing at the Russian Academy of Sciences. In a paper that appeared in the U.S. in 1995, they described a series of experiments suggesting that human DNA directly affects the physical world through what they believed was a new field of energy connecting the two.

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