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India stares at potential third wave of Covid-19
[Image: yq-indcov-18072021.jpg?itok=qxgeO82h&tim...1626602652]

NEW DELHI - Is a third wave inevitable? That is the question many are asking as an easing of Covid-19 restrictions has led to overcrowding at holiday destinations and marketplaces, even as the authorities warn that the next 100 days would be crucial for India's battle against the virus.

Health experts and epidemiologists believe a third wave of the pandemic is coming in the absence of strictly enforced mask-wearing and social distancing, especially if the virus mutates further.

"A third wave is expected anywhere between August and October, according to various Indian modellers. The presence of highly infectious variants, free movement and crowding of people and large numbers of unvaccinated people will create the third wave. If we observe Covid-19-appropriate behaviour and prevent superspreader events, we can limit it to a ripple, rather than a tidal wave," said Professor K. Srinath Reddy, president of the Public Health Foundation of India.

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