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‘Rocky’ rides to the rescue of starving families
[Image: R-Vairavasundaram-Food-delivery-FMT-2.jpg]

GEORGE TOWN: Once known as the “Rocky Balboa” of Malaysia for his martial arts exploits, R Vairavasundaram now rides to the rescue of those who cannot put food on the table.

Veera, as he is known, rides his motorcycle to deliver free meals to about 50 families every day, setting out from the garden-like banana leaf restaurant under a tree near the Free School Road roundabout.

Business has dropped because of MCO lockdowns over the past year, and he has been forced to dip into his savings, especially with the rising prices of vegetables for the past month.

But he has managed to stay afloat, through donations from well-wishers and sales of his set meals with nine dishes starting at RM8.

Veera, 59, said most of the proceeds from the shop goes to feeding the poor. He said he has a group of about 10 people who make donations from time to time, which allows him to prepare more food for the poor.

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