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Netizens swat minister over flu-fly mix-up
[Image: Adham-Baba-Bernama-120721.jpg]

PETALING JAYA: Health minister Dr Adham Baba’s gaffe at a talk in Universiti Putra Malaysia (UTM) – where he slipped up and changed a health crisis into a sex stimulant – has drawn flak on social media, with even politicians poking fun at the MP’s flu-fly mix-up.

In a viral video on Twitter, Adham can be heard saying that in 1916, the Spanish “fly” (instead of flu) had killed about a million people around the world and it happened for two years.

The Spanish flu between 1918-1920 is said to have infected about 500 million people and killed between 17 million and 100 million people.

The hashtag #Spanishfly also started trending on Twitter.

In response to the gaffe, former education minister Maszlee Malik took to Twitter, saying the “Spanish fly” was actually a wrestling move, calling the move very dangerous.

In wrestling, it is a move that sees an opponent being brought down from the top rope with a somersault that could snap his neck.

However, Spanish fly is mostly used as reference to a sex stimulant but may also refer to an emerald-green member of the beetle family.

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