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Concerns over rising Covid-19 death rate in Taiwan despite drop in cases
[Image: nz_taiwan_100721.jpg?itok=RgwM2bkd&timestamp=1625881339]

TAIPEI - Taiwanese health authorities, once lauded for their handling of the Covid-19 pandemic, have now come under a cloud over their handling of a recent surge in cases.

There is increasing concern about lax contact tracing and the mounting death rate which, according to media reports, included three people who were in hotel quarantine.

The concerns come despite the fact that infections are back to two-digit figures some two months after locally-transmitted cases grew by the hundreds each day.

On Friday (July 9), the island reported 32 local cases, a huge drop from the peak of 535 on May 17.

The death rate though has increased significantly, tripling from 1.57 per cent on April 10 to 4.74 per cent now.

A lot of anger has been directed at what is being considered as lax contact tracing with one notorious case involving a man dubbed the "Lion King" by Taiwanese netizens.

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