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Anwar demands transparency on RM11bil 5G contract to Ericsson

PETALING JAYA: The government should explain its decision to grant Ericsson a RM11 billion contract to design and build the country’s 5G network, opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim said today.

Calling for the government to make public the details of the contract it awarded the Swedish telecommunications giant last week, Anwar claimed that Chinese competitor Huawei Technologies “could have done the job for RM5 billion”.

“I want to raise a few questions as there has been no information on this,” the PKR president said in a video on Facebook.

“We are worried about training and technology transfer, among other things. Also, whether the cost is reasonable.

“The cost for this will be borne by the rakyat, and because of that, we want this to be questioned so that there is no chance of corruption, abuse of power and excessive payment of commissions.”

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