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Science teacher who taught Mandarin to Malay fishermen, children
[Image: Abdul-Muiz-Hussin-Teacher-Students-1.jpg]

PETALING JAYA: Abdul Muiz Hussin never thought he would end up teaching Mandarin, considering his formal background in Science, until he was placed at a school in a fishing village in Johor Bahru.

“At first, it was just a quaint fishing village, but in 2015, when the Forest City mega project started, there were a number of contractors from China coming in,” he said.

Muiz, who had picked up Mandarin while training as a teacher years ago, observed how the fishermen at the village in Gelang Patah struggled to communicate with the foreigners when they visited their wet market to buy fish and vegetables.

The language barrier had a huge impact on the fishermen, and hampered their day-to-day business.

“Seeing this, I started looking around and researching for material and people who could help me,” said Muiz,  more fondly known as Cikgu Muiz.

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