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Beruas MP: Perak govt, SADC culpable for destruction of Manjung mangrove ecosystem
IPOH, Oct 27 — Beruas MP Datuk Ngeh Koo Ham today accused the Perak government and State Agriculture Development Corporation (SADC) of being complicit in the destruction of the mangrove ecosystem in the Manjung district.

Ngeh claimed that the state government has tasked the oversight of many mangrove areas to SADC, which in turn leased them to third parties for aquaculture purposes such as prawn and fish farms.“The state has the largest tracts of mangrove land along Sungai Segari, Sungai Dinding, Sungai Sitiawan and Sungai Sempit in Segari, Manjung district.

“Recently, some fishermen in Segari have complained that the number of crabs, prawns and fish has decreased due to water pollution and that many mangrove areas which are the breeding grounds for crabs, prawns and fish have been destroyed and used for aquaculture,” he said in a statement.

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