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Malaysians start #benderaputih movement to signal distress without humiliation
Online, Malaysians start #benderaputih movement to signal distress without humiliation

[Image: FW1101682_SB16_23102020_JKM_MAKANAN-lpr_...gramme.jpg]

KUALA LUMPUR, June 29 — Malaysians on social media have come up with the #benderaputih (white flag) movement for those in dire need of food and essentials to indicate this to neighbours without needing to beg for help.

The movement suggested that those who desperately needed assistance fly a white flag or cloth outside their homes, which would let those able to help know which households could be facing extreme difficulties.

The initiative arose amid growing reports of Malaysians being pushed to their breaking points by the near-total and indefinite closure of the economy due to the pandemic.

“Raise a white flag at your home if you need help with food and essentials. Do not take action that will hurt you and your loved ones.

“Avoid stress. No need to beg or humiliate (yourselves). Just fly a white flag. Please let there be those who will help,” said one poster promoting the #benderaputih movement.
Malaysians online have slowly begun adopting the movement and spreading it, with some describing the initiative as “heartwarming” and timely.

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