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Jobless in lockdown, mother of 3 cooks up a business from home

PETALING JAYA: Out of a job just three days before the national lockdown began in May, 36-year-old Deviga Murugan was worried about the family’s future – until her son said she should use her talent at cooking to venture into business.

“I just started the business with one foot in to see if it was going to be workable, and it has been really good! People have been buying and supporting the business,” she said, bubbling with excitement as she fried a vegetable dish for her children’s lunch.

To her surprise and gratitude, customers and neighbors started to spread the word about her home-cooked food among their own circles, and eventually more people started ordering meals from her.

A few customers were so keen on helping Deviga and her family that they started advertising her menus in several personal Facebook groups, just to get the word out. Several loyal returning customers frequently order their lunch or dinner.

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