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Canada makes another 'horrific' discovery of hundreds of indigenous children's remain
[Image: btchildren20210624.jpg?itok=uUh10-xX&tim...1624550147]

CALGARY, ALBERTA (NYTIMES) - The remains of 751 people, mainly Indigenous children, were discovered at the site of a former school in the province of Saskatchewan, a Canadian Indigenous group said on Thursday (June 24), jolting a nation grappling with generations of widespread and systematic abuse of Indigenous people.

The discovery, the largest one to date, came weeks after the remains of 215 children were found in unmarked graves on the grounds of another former boarding school in British Columbia.

Both schools were part of a system that took Indigenous children in the country from their families over a period of about 113 years, sometimes by force, and housed them in boarding schools, where they were prohibited from speaking their languages.

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