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Is Xiaomi Redmi 9T 4GB a good phone?
(06-11-2021, 11:55 PM)sheep23 Wrote:
(06-11-2021, 11:50 PM)nitrogen9 Wrote:
(06-11-2021, 07:38 PM)onikka Wrote: Yes government provide a fix amount of subsidy for all but different telco provide different package so as you can see the replies above also say the same thing, what I see is Celcom package worth the best

True tho. Even i got tempted by celcom package since can get more rebate for new phone

Lucky you can get new phone like my sister. She overly excited to use the phone for her study n facetime her friends bcoz cant go to school these days

Yup perhaps they can stay connected during this pandemic. B40 who cant afford smartphone also can still got it and internet data at affordable price
Oh I see... so different telco their package is different... but since Celcom worth the most then I'll just go for Celcom not to say their line also good (always heard my friend say this)
agree that this really help B40 like me to have a phone and save money on data as well
Ya students now study online, zoom or google meet, require strong wifi or data if not really hard for them to listen to class
also for those who work, so many meeting to attend, so if have data at least sometime can switch to data
Btw I am going to get my phone from Celcom, excited hahahaha

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