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The mutating rules of Covid-19 lockdown
[Image: Columnist-D.-Raj.jpg]

The Covid-19 is mutating like crazy. Every day we are hearing of new variants – and with all those alphanumerics thrown in, it’s mind-boggling.

Amazingly, the same thing could be said about the people who are running the show in the country. You never know what they are going to say or do next, or if any statement would mutate into something else.

Take this latest brew-ha-ha (misspelling intended, it’s a really laughable affair involving breweries).

The guys from Amanah raised a ruckus about a brewery in Shah Alam that was open, and the government rushed to placate them by ordering it closed.

Never mind that hundreds of other factories – many of them hotbeds for Covid-19 – were allowed to operate, it was the Carlsberg one that had those guys in a tizzy.
And so it – and the Heineken brewery in Sungai Way – were closed.

Problem solved? Not really. Another set of zealots, drunk on the power that has now been bestowed upon them, are on the loose.

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