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‘Nefarious’ video takes archbishop’s words out of context, says Catholic group
[Image: Archbishop-Julian-Leow-Beng-Kim-181220-2.jpg]

PETALING JAYA: A Catholic lawyers’ group has condemned what it called a “nefarious” video posted online containing parts of a speech by Archbishop Julian Leow from 2014, which they said was taken out of context.

The Facebook post, uploaded on a page called the “Hud-Hud Crew”, claimed that in the four-minute video, Leow spoke of his 25-year plan against Muslims.

The post, titled “Rahsia Besar: Rakaman Perancangan 25 Tahun Archbishop Katolik Kuala Lumpur Untuk Rebus Orang Islam Seperti Merebus Katak”, claimed that Leow had used an analogy of boiling frogs to describe his plan to pressure Muslims in the country.

It also alleged that the archbishop had “admitted” that the issue on the use of the word “Allah” was part of this 25-year plan.

The post said the video was passed to the “Hud-Hud Crew” by anonymous members of the church, who supposedly wanted to thwart Leow’s plan that they believed would cause a rift between Muslims and Christians in the country.

It had also included the hashtag “#RebusUmatIslam” or #BoiltheMuslim.

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