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No vaccine or cure for climate change, says Dr Jemilah

PUTRAJAYA: Every pandemic that threatens the lives of humans has a vaccine to prevent the loss of life, but not so for climate change, the Prime Minister’s special adviser on public health Dr Jemilah Mahmood said.

Using the Covid-19 pandemic as an example, Jemilah said the vaccine for the pandemic was successfully created by Messenger RNA technology which is safe for humans.

“Now we are faced with Covid-19, which can be fatal, but the vaccine has been found. There is no vaccine, however, for climate change, even if it has similar effects.

“Climate change is caused by uncontrolled development till it destroys the environment. This is a bad sign as environmental destruction causes wildlife to lose their habitat, which will affect humans,” she said at a webinar entitled “Malaysia’s Role to Combat Climate Change”, today.

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