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The Welshman who mailed himself home from Australia in a box

(CNN) — He'd only just arrived in Australia from Wales, but teenager Brian Robson quickly realized that he'd made a big mistake by emigrating to the other side of the world.

Unfortunately the homesick 19-year-old didn't have the money to cover the cost of abandoning the assisted passage immigration scheme he'd traveled with in 1964, as well as his return flight home.

After realizing his options were pretty limited, Robson, from Cardiff, hatched a plan to smuggle himself onto a plane in a small box and travel back in the cargo hold.

Now, over 50 years after the extremely risky journey that saw his picture splashed across newspapers around the world, Robson is hoping to track down his old friends John and Paul -- two Irishman who nailed down the crate and sent him on his way.

"The last I spoke to John and Paul was when one of them tapped the side of the box and said 'You OK,'" he tells CNN Travel. "I said 'yes' and they said 'Good luck.' I'd love to see them again."

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